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pup 201 poster 

REGISTER NOW! (click here)

ONLINE ENTRIES CLOSED :(collection of numbers cap and event shirt)at OTB SPORT SWAKOPMUND THIS 27 DECEMBER 2017 BETWEEN 10h00 to 12h00

Please bring proof of payment to registration

Fax: 061 260 322
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

You will be contacted should we not receive your payment. No refunds on entry fees payed.

Drop-off points
Pay and enter at Otb Sport Wernhil, Otb Sport Craft Centre, Otb Sport Swakopmund

Payment can also be made with PAYTODAY. Download there app on your phone from th App Store or Google Playstore.On the app make your payment to OTB Events.
Electronic payment – Bank Details
Standard Bank
Branch: 082372
Account No. 60002594535
Account Name: OTB Event   

PUPKEWITZ JETTY MILE - General Info and Rules [click here]

1. Entry 

Online entry@www.otbsport.com

JETTY MILE:  N$200 (approx. mile sea swim from Tiger Reef to the Mole)
SPRINT:  N$180 (approx. 600m swim in the Mole) - 
KIDDIES FUN SWIM: (approx. 150m swim in the Mole.) 

Child must be assisted/overseen by any competent swimmer and make use of any flotation device. 

  - N$20 medal but no t-shirt
  - N$180 with event towel
No prizes for position but medal for each finisher

Event  towel valued  at N$300 for the  first 200 entries.

2. Collection of numbered cap and event t-shirt at OTB Sport Swakop

Wednesday  27 December from 10h00 to 12h00 at Otb Sport Swakopmund

3. Start/Finish/Prize Giving 

Start Jetty Mile: 15h30 at Tiger Reef Beach Bar

Start Sprint: 16h30 at The Mole

Start Kiddies Fun Event: 17h00  at the Mole

Finish for all events is at the Event Tent at the Mole.

Prize Giving will be at approximately 17h45  

4. The Race

4.1 Jetty Mile (Full Event) 

The Full event will start at Tiger Reef Beach Bar at 15h30.  

All  participants will need to be numbered and sign in. Please give yourself a minimum of 40 minutes for sign in and pre-race preparation.
A race brief will be given prior to the race.
The race will start at 15h30 at Tiger Reef.  Participants will swim past the Jetty to The Mole.  
The finish is  in front of the event tent.  The tent is erected on Main Beach at The Mole.
The swim route will be marked with buoys and participants will be informed of swim route prior to the start of the event.  
The distance of the Full event is approximately one mile. 

A wetsuit is highly recommended due to cold sea temperatures and the danger of hypothermia.

4.2 Sprint Event

The Sprint event will start at the Mole at 16h30.
All  participants will need to be numbered and sign in.  Please give yourself a minimum of 40 minutes for sign in and pre-race preparation.

The swim route will be marked with buoys and participants will be informed of swim route prior to the start of the swim event.  
The finish is in front of the event tent.  

The tent is erected on Main Beach at The Mole. 
The distance is approximately 600m and wetsuits are recommended if the sea temperature is cold.

4.3 Kiddies Fun Swim

The Kiddies Fun Swim will start at the Mole at 17h00

This is a fun event  that children can participate in along with their parents or other competent swimmer.
All children will receive a finishers medal.  There are no prizes for positions, but childrens cap numbers are included in the lucky draw.
Child must be assisted/overseen by a competent swimmer The childs safety is the responsibility of the parent/swimmer accompanying the child.
Any flotation device may be used to assist the child. 
The swim route will be marked with buoys and participants will be informed of swim route prior to the start of the swim event.  The finish is on the red carpet in front of the event tent.  
The tent is erected at Main Beach The Mole.

The distance is approximately 150m.

4.4 Timekeeping and Numbering

All swimmers must check in and be numbered prior to start of race (regardless whether you are wearing a wetsuit).   Participants should not grease themselves until they have been numbered.

Swimmers must not remove their swim caps as they exit the water.  They must keep their swim caps on until they have crossed the finish line. 
The event will finish on the red carpet in front of event tent.   Many participants will be wearing a wetsuit and the numbered cap will be the only way in
which we can record your time.  Please also assist timekeepers by calling your number as you finish.  If you are not wearing a swim cap at finish line then
your time may not be recorded.

5. Safety

Participants need to assess for themselves (and /or minors) whether they are fit enough to take part.
Participants should note that there is limited assistance on the water and we make use of volunteers for water safety. 
Participants are advised to swim in wetsuit due to cold sea temperatures.
In an emergency swimmer should raise an arm overhead for assistance (not wave).

Even if sea conditions are extremely rough it is unlikely that event will be cancelled.  Competitors (minors in consultation and agreement with their parent)
need to assess for themselves whether they are capable of taking part in the sea conditions on the day.  Competitors need to be self sufficient in the water as
sea rescue is very limited and the rougher the conditions the more difficult a sea rescue operation is. 

All participants take part in the event at their own risk and indemnify the organisers, sponsors, host and other authorities of any loss or injury, however that loss or
injury may be caused which might occur in preparation for, during or subsequent to the event and in any circumstances in which the organisers,
sponsors and local and other authorities might attract a legal liability in respect of such injury or loss.

NB.  Ocean water swimming is inherently hazardous and every participant, by his/her participation acknowledges that they are aware of this fact and accepts the risks associated with the event. 

6. General Rules 

A swimmer can not take part in both the Jetty Mile and Sprint.  I participant must choose which race he/she will compete in.
Participants are expected to partake in the spirit of the event and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.
People participating in the event do so at their own risk and the event organisers, sponsors and local authorities are not responsible for any loss or injury however that loss or injury may be caused.

Competitors shall:

Practice good sportsmanship at all times.
Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.
Obey instructions from race officials.
Treat other competitors, officials, volunteers, and spectators with respect and courtesy.
Violations should be reported to timekeepers or Yvonne Brinkmann. 
Inform timekeepers if they withdraw from a race. 
Ensure that they are familiar with the course; the participant is responsible for any deviations from the route which, if deemed an unfair advantage, may result in disqualification.
Competitors must not remove their swim cap until they have crossed the finish line.
A competitor who has a protest must do so in writing within 15 minutes of his/her finish time.   Written protests are to be handed in at timekeeper table or to Yvonne Brinkmann.
A competitor can be suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct and fraud.  The event organiser’s decision is final and will be made in consultation with relevant people.

No outside assistance may be given to a participant.  Third party assistance is deemed to constitute an unfair advantage.  In limited circumstances a competitor
may be assisted by a race official so long as it does not constitute an unfair advantage.

No items deemed to be a hazard to self or others may be worn e.g. no headsets or headphones.

WHO WILL BE THERE [click here]

Who entered Jetty mile main event:Click here 

Who entered Jetty mile Sprint(600m):Click here

Who entered Jetty mile Kiddes Fun Swim:Click here 

How to Navigate in the Sea [click here]

Those of you, that swam in the choppy water of the Mole in the FNB Desert Triathlon at the beginning of December, will know that navigation in a sea swim is
not always easy but is critical for a good time. Many of the gala swimmers and less experienced open water swimmers stopped in their tracks and treaded wate
r to get their sighting – this wasted critical time in a race. Optimum navigation means finding the shortest and fastest route while expending the least possible energy on navigation. But how do you swim in the right direction when there is not line painted on the bottom of the sea floor? (or if there was its too deep and murky to spot it)

  • In pool swimming you breath to the side but in open water swimming you need to practice looking ahead every few strokes. Keep your stroke fluid. Only look up as much as you need to (or as little as you need to) as looking up slows you down and tires you more.
  • Don't look for too long. If you don't spot the buoy quickly, take another stroke and then look again. They buoy may not be visible as you, or the buoy are in a trough – don’t stop – keep swimming.
  • Work to straighten out your stroke. This means that you have an even pull on both left and right – so you know you swim straight even when you are not sighting something.
  • Find other things you can use as markers. The shore, the direction of sunlight as it enters the water.
  • Know your swim route, you may be able to use a rip current to “pull you along”.
  • Don’t stop swimming to early. Continue to swim until you hand can comfortably touch the sand beneath you.

For both the Jetty Mile and Sprint there is a short run to the finishers tent. Triathletes will be accustomed to getting straight out of the water and then running
but to swimmers this will be a strange sensation and can be a bit disorientating. You may want to practice and get used to the swim - run transition. Remember
you need to wear your swim cap until you are past the finish line. Many of you will be wearing wetsuits and the numbered cap is the only way we can see your number and record your result.

From Pool to Open Water - Getting started [click here]

On 27 December it’s the annual Pupkewitz Jetty Mile. The full event, the Jetty Mile, consist of an open water sea swim from the Tiger Reef Beach Bar,
around the Jetty and into the Mole. This if for the experienced open water swimmer. But if you are a swimmer but “new” to open water then the Sprint,
which takes place in the protected waters of the Mole is the perfect event for you.

Many pool swimmers have not ventured to open water swimming. Why do it? Open water swimming is to pool swimming as trail running/walking is to running
on a treadmill at Virgin Active. Open water swimming is a chance to get out and enjoy nature. Being in the big blue can be an exhilarating experience but you may
first need to get comfortable.

Get Comfortable

To feel comfortable, you have to understand what the water can do, what you can do, and have confidence that you can handle the situation.
Don't go into the water with the attitude that you can depend upon someone else to bail you out. A with all things in life – be self-reliant.


A wetsuit – even an all-purpose surf wetsuit is highly recommended due to cold sea temperatures. The joy of a wetsuit is that it allows you to enjoy the sea
regardless of the temperature it also adds to your buoyancy. You will feel a lot more relaxed “warmly dressed” in your wetsuit. Most people, once they purchase
a wetsuit, are surprised at how much they make use of it.


If you are new to open water swimming start swimming small distances in the Mole. Feel comfortable floating on your back and treading water – you don’t need to
be in constant motion in water - just get used to the feel and rhythm of the water. Many pool swimmers feel claustrophobic in open water, as visibility is limited.
Do a few strokes of freestyle, if you feel uncomfortable then do a few strokes breaststroke and then start with the freestyle again. Often its just a case of getting
used to the change. You can swim any stoke on race day. So if you prefer a relaxed breaststroke this is fine in the Mole.

The ocean can be a wonderful playground but don’t be foolish. The sea is big and has its own complex rhythms. Treat it with respect. No your limitations
and understand the water”.

Understanding the RIP Current [click here]

Understanding the RIP Current and how to make use of it in the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile

If we look at how people focus and concentrate when it comes to any aspect of sport, we can break this down into Internal Focus and External Focus.
Some people prefer to concentrate on how they're feeling physically, what their heart rate is, how their breathing is going, analysing technique - INTERNAL focus.
Others will prefer to observe what's going on around them, watching other participants and considering environmental factors
(water temperature, swell, sunlight, visibility) - EXTERNAL focus.

If you think about it, when you're training in the pool, the majority of the time you will be internally focused. You will be thinking about your form and technique,
and how your breathing is going, etc. Open water swimming forces/encourages you into External Focus - sea swell, waves, colder than expected temperature,
limited visability, negotiating the surf. The External Focus may be something you need to get used to. Your rhythm may be "upset" on an ocean water swim as you
glug down a wave or take a kick. You need to be prepared for that.

The most important "skill" in negotiating surf is simply to be unafraid of it. You need to understand the water and this may take some time. You won't fear the currents
once you understand what makes them do what they do.

When a wave breaks all that water on the beach has to make its way back to the sea. A rip current carries water from the beach out to the ocean by finding the
deepest bottom nearest the shore. It then carries water oceanward like a river. A rip current is identified by its brownish color, by the fewer number of waves breaking in it,
and choppier water. These rip currents tend to be relatively narrow so that water pressure pushed the outflow at higher speed. Further out and beyond the
sandbar the rip current gets wider and dissipates. Most drownings occur because swimmers do not undertand the "rip current". Never try to swim against the current.
You can't! The world's strongest competitive swimmers cannot swim against a strong rip current. Swim sideways, parallel to the shoreline, until you are out of the rip
current. After you are out of the rip current and no longer need to swim against it, swim diagonally towards the shore. If you cannot swim perpendicular to the rip current,
ride it out while floating or treading water. Then swim diagonally towards the shore.

Rip currents can be a great friend to you on race day if you know how to use them. The Pupkewitz Jetty Mile starts at Tiger Reef Beach Bar. This area is not good
for recreational swimming due to the strong rip but is well suited to swimmers on race day who want to be "sucked out" to beyond the breakers. You will be able to
get out through the surf much easier. Not only will you have to deal with fewer waves, the water will be taking you seaward as well!

The ocean is a wonderful playground. It should be respected but not feared. We hope to see you at the race. Race details and entry online.

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