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FNB Sandman Triathlon  Sunday 3 December 2017

ONLINE ENTRIES CLOSED:(collection of race number and event shirt)  Cafe Treff at Waga Waga  Swakopmund
this 2 December 2017  from 10h00 to 13h00.

   N$190 Individual Mini
   N$220 Individual Sprint 

   N$250 Individual Standard distance. 
   N$400 Individual Ultra Distance. (includes t-shirt, certificate and completion medal)

  N$200 per team member in Sprint 

  N$220 per team member Standard/Ultra 
Please note there are 220 event t-shirts available.  These will be given to the first 200 entries. 
Should you require further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment can also be made with PAYTODAY. Download there app on your phone from the App Store or Google Playstore.On the app make your payment to OTB Events.
Electronic payment – Bank Details 
Branch: 280272
Account No. 62102357987
Account Name: Otb Sport and Trophy 

Collection of race numbers/event bags/etc and race brief

Saturday 2 December, Café Treff at WagaWaga from 10h00 to 13h00.  There will be a short race brief at 14h00.
If you are coming from Windhoek then B2 becomes Sam Nujoma.  Cafe Treff/WagaWaga is just after Pick n Pay on left side of the road. 


FNB Sandman Triathlon  Sunday 3 December 2017

1.Collection of race numbers/event bags/etc and race brief
Saturday 2 December, Café Treff at WagaWaga from 10h00 to 14h00.  There will be a short race brief at 14h00.
 If you are coming from Windhoek  then B2 becomes Sam Nujoma.Cafe Treff/WagaWaga is just after Pick n Pay on left side of the road.

Start/Finish/Prize Giving
The race will start and finish at the Mole.  Transition will be on the grass area at the Mole
Start time for Ultra: 7.00 am
Start time for Standard: 8.00 am
Start time for Sprint: 8.30 am (to be confirmed)
Start time for Mini: 8.45 am
Bike Racks Open: 6.00 am.  Please do not hang out in transition area.
Prize giving will be held Sunday 3th Dec at 5.30 p.m. at Tiger Reef Beach Bar. 

3. The race

The triathlon will take place in Swakopmund.  The start/finish and transition area is at The Mole. 
The swim will be an open water sea swim and participants are advised to make use of a wetsuit as sea temperatures are cold.  
The bike route is a combination of tar road and salt treated roads.
These  salt treated roads are suitable for TT bikes.The  run route takes place on a combination of paths and public road.
3.2  Transition area

The transition area is set up on the grass patch at the Mole (Main Beach of Swakopmund).  
The transition area is for individual participants only.  
Participants can rack their bikes etc from 6.00a.m.  
Please show consideration to others when in the transition area especially when the race is on. 
3.3  Swim

Swimmers should not grease themselves until they have been numbered
The swim route will be marked with buoys and participants will be informed of swim route prior to the start of the swim event. 
Participants should note that there is limited assistance on the water.  No NSRI (sea rescue) exists in Namibia and we make use of volunteers for water safety.  The swim takes place in the reasonably protected waters of the Mole and there will be canoes/kayaks on the water.
Swimmers must not remove their swim caps as they exit the water.  They must keep their swim caps on until they have gone into the transition area. 
 Many participants will be wearing a wetsuit and the numbered cap will be the only way in which we can record your time.  
Please also assist timekeepers by calling your number as you finish.  
If you are not wearing a swim cap then your time may not be recorded.

Participants are encouraged to do swim in wetsuit due to cold sea temperatures.
In an emergency swimmer should raise an arm overhead for assistance (not wave).
3.4 Bike

The Bike route will be confirmed closer to the event date.
The bike route will make use of marshals and sign postings to mark the route. 
Turnaround points of the sprint/standard and ultra distance will be marked.  
Bike race is draft illegal.  Drafting can result in time penalties or suspension from the race.  
For safety reasons handlebars must be plugged and proper fitting helmet worn.
Tri bars are allowed.
Cycling is not permitted in transition area.
The bike route is on a public road and the road is not closed off to traffic.  Cyclists should cycle with caution.
Competitors are to mount and dismount their bikes at the designated area or when requested to do so by race official.
There will be an emergency water table at the turnaround for the Standard distance cycle.  
There will be no other water tables on route and cyclists are responsible for their own water on
Bike route within Swakopmund may change due to road constructions

3.5  Run

The run route will be marked with chalk and make use of marshals. 
The run route takes place on a combination of public paths and public road, neither of which are closed off to the public or traffic.  
There will be water tables approximately every 2.5km on the run route.

4. Safety
Participants need to assess for themselves (and /or minors) whether they are fit enough to take part.
Swim route has limited rescue assistance.  Participants are advised to do swim in wetsuit due to cold sea temperatures and the dangers of hypothermia.
Bike route is on public road, which is not closed to traffic.  Many vehicles do not treat cyclists with regard.  Cyclists should cycle with caution. 
The road may also be slick.

The run route takes place on a combination of public paths and public road, neither of which are closed off to the public or traffic.  
All participants take part in the event at their own risk and indemnify the organisers, sponsors, host and other authorities of any loss or injury, 
however that loss or injury may be caused which might occur in preparation for, 
during or subsequent to the event and in any circumstances in which the organisers, 
sponsors and local and other authorities might attract a legal liability in respect of such injury or loss.

5. General Rules
Participants are expected to partake in the spirit of the event and conduct themselves in a sportsmanship like manner at all times.
People participating in the event do so at their own risk and the event organisers, sponsors and local authorities are not responsible for
any loss or injury however that loss or injury may be caused.

Competitors shall:
Practice good sportsmanship at all times,
Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others,
Obey instructions from race officials,
Treat other competitors, officials, volunteers, and spectators with respect and courtesy,
If they violate a rule knowingly report the violation to timekeepers or Yvonne Brinkmann. 
Inform timekeepers if they withdraw from a race 
Ensure that they are familiar with the racecourse; the participant is responsible for any deviations from route which if deemed an unfair 
advantage may result in disqualification.

Competitors shall ensure that race numbers are clearly displayed on the front of their shirts at all times.  Further instructions about race numbers
and finishing protocol will be announced at the start of the race.  Please pay attention to these instructions, as they are important for accurate
time keeping. 

A competitor who has a protest must do so in writing within 15 minutes of his/her finish time.   Written protests are to be handed in at timekeeper table 
or to Yvonne Brinkmann.

Competitor can be suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct and fraud.  The event organiser’s decision is final and will be made in consultation
with relevant people.

Only competitors are allowed into the transition area.
No outside assistance can be given to a participant. Other 3rd party assistance is deemed to constitute unfair advantage.  
In limited circumstances a competitor can be assisted by a race official so long as it does not constitute an unfair advantage.

No items deemed to be a hazard to self or others can be worn e.g.  no headsets or headphones.

Team Events

A team is limited to 3 team members
Any competitors doing event in a team must touch other team member at designated “swap” points.



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